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Prevent emerging fraud. Detect forgeries. Manage and reduce false alerts.

Resistant AI hardens your automated financial systems across the entire customer journey.
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Don’t let criminals ruin the experience

Smooth and instant decisions are key aspects to any modern financial service. AI systems that power such decisions are under constant attack by fraudsters capable of committing fraud with convenience and anonymity.
Cost of fraud globally US$5 trillion p.a.
Financial Crime
Between 2% (€715Bn) and 5% (€1.87Tn) of global GDP is laundered annually; only 1.1% is recovered
Up to 1% of payment transactions and lending applications we inspect are
fraudulentResistantAI data

Financial Automation Oversight

We continuously protect the entire customer journey to create a frictionless online user experience.
Resistant AI balances fraud resistance with a frictionless user experience. By discovering new attacks, manipulative inputs and other innovative threats, we protect AI systems from fraud and financial crime.

What we offer

Our products span the entire customer journey and are easy to integrate on top of your existing fraud solutions.
Resistant Documents
Detect forgeries and modifications on any document.
Resistant Transactions
Add a protective layer enhancing the existing fraud, AML or scoring systems.
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They were made Resistant

Resistant AI dramatically reduces false positives and detects advanced fraud and manipulation at the same time. Under the protection of Resistant AI, our Nikita engine can fully focus on credit risk assessment excellence.

Michal Krocil

Chief Risk Officer | Twisto

Management Team

The core of our team is comprised of research and industry experts, seasoned in AI and machine learning security.
We are a team of 50 people and we have 10 PhDs in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our vision is to provide market leading technology to protect our clients from transaction and document fraud. The core of our team in Resistant AI is built around the people who helped our previous cybersecurity startup, Cognitive Security, to be acquired by Cisco Systems.

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