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Resistant Documents

Detect forgeries on any document type. Verify invoices, payroll slips, bank statements, and more. We protect automated workflows from manipulation through forged documents received from third parties.

Why Resistant Documents?

We empower your team of experts to efficiently verify documents and keep up with today’s increasing demands.
Quickly process documents
Automatically confirm the authenticity of 80% of the documents processed.
Flags problematic cases
Flag and annotate suspicious cases for review by your fraud teams.
Simple SaaS integration
Strengthen your systems with our SaaS-delivered machine learning.

How does it work?

Resistant Documents protects and strengthens your automated KYC processes by accurately verifying the authenticity of documents submitted in PDF, JPEG, and other picture formats.

How can we help?

Lend with confidence
Reduce number of loans issued based on forged documents. What is the true risk of your portfolio? Up to 5% of loans are based on forged documents.
Know your customer
Distinguish real customer from forged identity. Sign-up with a fake identity is the most common precursor to any fraud or financial crime activity.
Insurance Claims
Is the invoice supporting the claim real or fake? Every 5 minutes a new insurance fraud is uncovered.
Reduce the burden by processing the billing and claims information automatically.

Machine learning

Higher security
due to a robust ensemble of diverse detection models
Spot advanced forgeries
via continuous, adaptive machine learning
Exceptional sensitivity
by source modelling scanned and photographed documents
Document quality assessment
and secure extraction of key information


REST API & Analyst GUI
The service is delivered via a simple REST API and optional Analyst GUI. The efficiency of the software means results can be returned in a matter of seconds. Also available for integration with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and other platforms.
Security & Compliance
With 15 years of infosec experience, we are a security-first company. Our highly secure production environment is based on a cloud-based, serverless approach.

Empower your team

We relieve your operational teams of routine, fully manual document verification so that they can concentrate on cases that require their expertise.
Resistant AI prevents the manipulation of invoices submitted to our marketplace.
It allows our investors to trade in security and saves my team a huge amount of manual work.
Alexandra Belkova
Head of Operations

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