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Detect document forgery and know who to trust

Authenticate documents at scale and focus on real document fraud with AI
Companies who trust us

Find fraud the human eye can’t in loan applications, insurance claims, ID cards, and more

Verify the authenticity of digital documents with machine learning delivered via a simple REST API.

Out-of-the-box document fraud detection

Detect up to 80% of document forgeries on day one — machine learning training optional.

Understand and justify every decision

Boil down complex analysis into simple verdicts to tell the complete story for compliance.

Faster & safer customer approvals

99.99% accurate trust models guarantee authenticity so you can confidently automate approvals.

Designed by cybersecurity experts

Privacy and security backed by 16 years of experience in fighting cybercrime at scale.

Every document has a story. We tell it over 500 different ways

Each document goes through a layered analysis to provide clear, substantiated verdicts in just a few seconds.

500+ parameters feed 100+ different detectors.

Find modifications in digital documents, images and scans, print-and-rescan modifications, and more…

Universal models detect fraud right out of the box.

Detect forgery even on documents you’ve never seen before with integrity checks on internal structure, electronic signatures, editor use, and more.

Country- and industry-specific models add another layer of detection

Our accumulated knowledge of specific markets rapidly increases precision and returns results within seconds.

Models tailored to your use cases bring unmatched precision to verdicts

Just 50 examples will train models that know what your documents should look like, inside and out — with 99.99% precision.

Trusted Documents — authenticity as a service

Flip the script: we guarantee the authenticity of documents we mark as Trusted with 99.99% accuracy (legal won’t let us say more). If we have a doubt, we flag it for your review.

Remove friction

from your approval processes

Create new models in days

with just 50 documents

Focus your risk teams

on real document fraud cases

Safely automate your workflows

Intake documents in PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF

Filter out the wrong kinds of document

Reject poor quality documents that could hide fraud

Extract specific content from documents

A privacy environment built by security experts

We’re so paranoid we don’t trust ourselves.

Minimum privilege principles in all things

Data transfers handled via secure TLS 1.2 connections

Standard AES-256 encryption for at-rest data.

Ephemeral analysis environments

Models trained on images downscaled to 640x480 pixels thumbnails with no PII

What can be made Resistant?


Up to 5% of loans are based on forged documents. Catch forgeries in home loans, car financing and more before they enter your system — and limit the damages.


Distinguish real customers from forged identities at scale on sign up. Remove friction from KYC processes on new customers, and current ones receiving new services.

Insurance claims

Every 5 minutes, a new insurance fraud is uncovered. Asses invoices supporting claims for authenticity in seconds.

They were made Resistant

Resistant AI prevents the manipulation of invoices submitted to our marketplace. It allows our investors to trade in security and saves my team a huge amount of manual work.

Alexandra Belkova

Head of Operations | Roger