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Anti-Money-Laundering Optimization

Processing alerts is not your job. Stopping financial crime is.

AML Challenges

False alarms are costing the financial sector billions. Legitimate activity analyzed by coarse-grained rules distracts you with countless alerts, preventing you from uncovering financial criminals.
With financial criminals increasingly masking their attacks and evolving their strategies everyday, detection methods become hard to maintain. Catching sophisticated criminals using simple rules is no longer possible, as they strive to be indistinguishable from your real customers. A different approach is required - one based on recognising changing behaviours and one based on continuous machine learning.
Ineffective Penalties
Since the sub-prime crisis of 2007/8, $46.6Bn in fines have been levied globally. In that same period WEF estimates that $2.4 trillion has been laundered.
Increasing Compliance Costs
AML compliance spending is projected to exceed $8Bn in 2021.
Processing False Alarms
Processing unnecessary false positives is costing market participants $3.7Bn p.a. - 42% of their overall compliance spend.

Resistant transactions

Resistant AI analyses the hidden relationships between identities and transactions to draw a better decision boundary between legitimate and criminal activities.

Why resistant transactions?

Prioritize alerts
Reduce your false alarms by improving contextualized alerts in your investigation efforts. We’ll intelligently prioritize the alerts from your underlying systems.
Optimize intelligently
Get feedback to the underlying system to improve the quality of detections and efficiency with the number of alerts produced.
Find unknown threats
Continuously discover newer, innovative and more evasive financial crime.
Integrate simply
Experience rapid, seamless integration with your existing systems via a REST API.

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