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Buy-Now-Pay-Later & Payment Fraud

Resistant AI has been designed with BNPL providers in mind.

BNPL Challenges

To build market share in the on-demand economy, BNPL providers are looking to balance security with accessibility, making their customers’ experience as safe as possible with the minimum of friction.
Stolen Identities
Accurately detecting real vs stolen identities is notoriously difficult and will lead to losses projected at $48 billion by 2023.
Account takeovers (ATO)
In 2019, ATO caused losses of $6.8 billion. This increased 200% in the following year where 50% of fraudulent transactions in the finance industry were from account takeovers.
False declines
Being too risk averse is undesirable. Around 40% of consumers saythey won’t shop again with a merchant who incorrectly rejects their order. With investigating false alerts, staff morale also suffers. Engaged and committed employees perform 20% better and are 87% more likely to stay.

Risk Multipliers

Fraud harms you in more ways than one - it increases your operational costs, exposes you to regulatory risks but first and foremost, it damages your reputation with customers and the financial markets alike.

Why resistant transactions?

We started in the BNPL sector and continue to specialize in fraud prevention. We’re committed to protecting convenient customer onboarding with artificial intelligence by replacing extra and unnecessary verification steps. We empower our customer’s fraud teams to:
a safe and trusted customer experience, improving your company’s reputation, attracting new clients and new inward investment
Identify and block
stolen identities by using AI to connect patterns in data that might otherwise seem to be unrelated.
account takeovers by recognising unusual customer behaviour
novel and previously unknown fraud attempts using ensembles of Resistant AI ‘Detectors’.
Be confident
in exploring new areas of revenue generation/growth, knowing that risk is being mitigated
Narrow the focus
of investigations by prioritising and fully contextualising alerts, simplifying analysis and improving the working lives of analysts

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